Friday, April 5, 2013

Vietnam Visa fees from Jan 1, 2013

As a company whose interests are intertwined with Vietnam’s tourism industry, it was a bit of a shock to discover news that Vietnam will increase fees for entrance visas and in some cases to nearly double the original cost. Currently, it costs USD$25 to obtain a one month single-entry tourist visa. This will rise to USD$45. Multiple entry three month visa fees will also rise to USD$65 from USD$50.

Along with the one month visa fee hike, six month and one year multiple entry visas will have their fees raised. The six month visa fee will rise from USD$50 to USD $95 and the fee for one year multiple visas will rise from USD$100 to USD$135.

With these hikes, Vietnam will have the dubious honor of having the most expensive entrance visa in mainland Southeast Asia. Though we hope not, this may give people pause when planning their trip to the region.

According to the same government issued statement, these increased fees will also affect expatriates residing in Vietnam. A temporary residence card will cost an additional USD$20 which will raise prices to USD$80 for a one year card, $100 for a two year card, and $120 for a three year card. Transferring a visa or temporary residence card from an old to new passport will pay USD$15, up from USD$10.

We are optimistic that visitors will look past this hike and come to this beautiful country. Others a bit less. When we posted this news on our facebook page, the first comment we received stated simply “ridiculous…goodbye tourists”.